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Plenumsoft Marina is a Mexican technology-based company committed to the design and development of solutions for the maritime and fisheries sector, through the efficient and effective use of technological tools and innovation.
Alongside the continuous work of scientific research, technological development and focus on our customers, have been fundamental to build customized products according to the sector-specific requirements.

  • The Marine division of Plenum Group started in 2009, through NAVIC, an initiative to provide technological tools for artisanal fishermen and research centers, with the aim of safeguarding human life at sea, as well as collect real-time oceanographic data.
  • Due to the develop capacities and the level of specialization acquired, the first spin-off of Plenum Group was created under the commercial name of Navic, thus enabling the Marine division to be potentiated. As a result, Navic was chosen as the only Mexican commercial initiative based on technology that was part of the IoT EXPO Plug and Play Tech Center in Silicon Valley in December 2015.
  • We are developing initiatives in the environmental area to create mechanisms to mitigate the impacts of climate change, as well as the generation of technology to combat the illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing.
  • Our main objective is to safeguard human life at sea and protect the mobile assets of our customers, but even more important: lay the foundations for the profitable development of sustainable fishing in the country.


Establish the foundations for the development of safe and sustainable fishing in the country through the creation of technological tools, developing human talent in parallel and creating growth opportunities for our partners and collaborators.

Business vision

Inspire the actors of the fishing sector to develop politics, methodologies and sustainable schemes for the exploitation of marine resources, generating the bases that allow them to apply similar behaviors in all aspects of their lives in the long term.

Our values

Our values

  • Integrity

    Acting with honesty and honor.

  • Commitment

    Total support for the vision of the company, shaping the mission and culture that reflect the standards.

  • Innovation

    Pursuit for new creative ideas that have the potential to change the world.

  • Enthusiasm

    Inspire collaborators to take the initiative and give the best.

  • Security

    Guarantee the health and safety of employees and go beyond the legal requirements to provide an accident-free workplace.


Línea Marina


Leissure boats

High-end solution that informs people, nearby boats and rescue services when someone is in trouble at sea.

 Mensajes de alerta

Fishing boats

Accessible solution for the monitoring of boats and mobile assets that allows coordinating the rescue services in an optimal and efficient way when an emergency is identified.


Oceanographic monitoring

System for the acquisition, storage and processing of oceanographic data, which allows real-time monitoring and the generation of reports on demand, instrumented with data science tools.


Seafood traceability

Technological solution that allows knowing in real-time the digital traceability of the seafood products along the entire supply chain, from the fishing point to the end-point of commercialization, aligned to the compliance of national regulations and established by the United States and the European Union.

How does it work?

  • 1
    Emergency information is collected and sent with geo-positioning.
  • 2
    Monitoring Service receives the alert and triggers the emergency protocol.
  • 3
    Emergency alert is sent to the rescue team and neighboring boats.
  • 4
    Help arrives.


  • 1

    Global monitoring (satellite communication)

  • 2

    Vessels visualization

  • 3

    Generation of geo-fences

  • 4

    Notifications and mobile follow-up

  • 5

    Compact and discreet

  • 6

    Battery backup


Vessel Monitoring Platform


We provide a complete high-end prosumer solution that informs people and rescue services when you are in trouble at sea: we are the emergency service for boats. We provide a full monitoring service that coordinates rescue services.

How does it work?


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  • Increase consumer confidence.

  • Allow access to high value markets.

  • Fight Illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing.

  • Minimize risks by ensuring quality and food safety.

  • Improve operational processes within the company.

  • Guarantee safety throughout the entire value chain.

App móvil productor pesquero

App móvil exportador / usuario final

Plataforma web congeladora

Plataforma web centro de acopio



Comprehensive platform to manage operational activities efficiently, as well as provide access to high-value markets, in compliance with international recommendations.

  • - Fishing producer
  • - Collection center
  • - Process plant
  • - Exporter
  • - Importer
  • - Quality control
  • - Traceability report


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